Arvig Hackers: "We Did This for Islam"

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Lisa Green with Arvig Communications confirms their website was attacked Tuesday morning. She says the homepage was replaced with a picture from a group called Cyb3r CommandOS.

Arvig provides Internet, television, phone and security for homes and businesses throughout Minnesota. The company is based out of Perham, Minnesota.

Green says customers should not be affected, adding there was no malicious code. The hack has been reported to The Department of Homeland Security, and the company is investigating further.

The message that appeared on the Arvig website Tuesday morning said “Hacked by H1d3n Root.” The group Cyb3r CommandOS identified themselves as Muslim saying “Islam is my way of life.”

Cyb3r CommandOS left a message on the Arvig website saying, “We are a International Underground Hacking Team” and “Your Security Is Very Low, Patch Your Security.”

Arvig has put added security in place, and Green says the only way to prevent this attack would have been to use a different host site.

Valley News Live made contact with the group taking credit for the attack, Cyb3r CommandOS. The group says they discovered a bug in the website, and hacked the site. Cyb3r CommandOS is also claiming an Islamic affiliation.

"We hacked that website with Dawah message. We urge them as well as the world people to come under the peaceful religion Islam. In future Muslim will be lead the world again," Jazakallah messaged to Valley News Live on Facebook.

They say they are not affiliated with any known terrorist organizations, they are peaceful, and do not support people or countries who kill other people.

The Arvig Communications website is back up and running. The following statement was posted on the Arvig Facebook page:

"If you have tried to go to our website this morning and received a message stating the site was hacked, we apologize for the inconvenience. We are working to restore the site as quickly as possible. We have put up a temporary under construction site with safe links to webmail, online bill pay and our careers site. Please feel free to call if you have any questions and thank you for your patience."