Are sex offenders living in your neighborhood? View the map before Halloween

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No doubt many parents and kids will be roaming neighborhoods to trick or treat this weekend. Some parents have asked how to check where sex offenders are located.

Minnesota and North Dakota have laws that require sex offenders to register with their local police department.

In Fargo, there is a tool from the city allows you to search for registered sex offenders in your neighborhood and see their locations on a map. The link is attached to the right of this story.

Fargo Police Lt. Joel Vettel says there is no law saying sex offenders can't trick or treat or hand out candy. The only stipulation is if an offender is on probation. Typically, their parole officer would tell them to not participate in the Halloween activities.

Minnesota state law allows only information about level three convicted sex offenders to be made public. Level one and two sex offenders still must register with the police department in their area, but neighbors will not be able to see their location. Lt. Tory Jacobson says Moorhead has about 170 total sex offenders registered, but only the public can only see the locations of the eight level three offenders.

The City of Moorhead does not have a map with locations of the eight high-risk offenders, but does have a list. A link to that list is attached to the right of this story.

The city of West Fargo also has a list of sex offenders living in their city. There is not a map, but a list of offenders with their names and addresses. The link is attached to this story.

To get a look at sex offenders across the entire state of North Dakota, we've also provided a link to that within this story.

Moorhead police remind people to slow down when driving on Halloween because children will be out and may not properly cross the street.