A creepy-crawly head bug one Fargo mother can't rid her daughter of

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FARGO, N.D. It's a bug one Fargo mother can't shake and it’s costing her roughly $600 dollars to rid her daughter of head lice. Parent Jamie White had heard of other kids complaining about lice in the classroom. We spoke to the family who said this is in fact where her child keeps picking up the bug. They want to see more preventative efforts taken.

"We went through and we looked at her hair and we noticed that she had bugs and eggs,” said Fargo mother Jamie White.

A creepy-crawly disaster is hitting home for this Fargo family. White told us the problem started around the holiday season. Since then, her daughter's had it six times.

"It's a little weird for one of my children to get it, yet nobody else in the household has gotten it,” commented White.

After shelling out up to $600 dollars dry cleaning all bedding, vacuuming, spraying and bug bombing the house... White is fed-up.

"We did everything you can think of,” said White. “We've washed numerous loads of laundry. You cannot even possibly imagine in a household of five, how much laundry you have to do at once."

White said she'd heard of other kids at Jefferson Elementary with mites. We reached out to the Fargo Public School District who wouldn't comment on this specific case. But, told us they have a nit free policy -- if students have lice they're sent home. However, White doesn't think that's enough.

"When we were going to school, there’d be school-wide head checks where we would get taken into the cafeteria and school nurses and staff would go through your head,” said White.

The school district further explained Fargo-Cass Public Health went away with that policy years ago. Regardless, White said parents should be in the loop.

"I think that with them not notifying other parents, that they're putting my child at risk for it,” commented the Fargo mom. And it’s a policy she’s hoping will change in the future.