$4.5 million in scholarships for innovative business students at NDSU

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – A major investment at North Dakota State University, is aimed at encouraging students to chase their dreams and make them happen. The university is establishing a $4.5 million dollar fund in the school's college of business.

It will provide scholarships for students who have an interest, specifically, in innovation. As with most scholarships, the school will pick a handful of qualified students to receive them.

President Dean Bresciani believes entrepreneurial thinking and innovation are key to an educated, productive workforce and society.

"If a student is successful in starting a business and contributing to the economy of our state, every citizen in the state of North Dakota benefits. A higher quality of life, better tax pays, a more vibrant community, so every single individual can change the lives of every other individual in the state of North Dakota when they're successful," President Bresciani said.

School officials say the impact of this investment will be felt for generations. They say it will directly influence NDSU’s goal of being one of the country's leading education and research institutions.