Construction Starts On 32nd Avenue In West Fargo

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The weather is warming which means construction is starting. The orange cones are out and many of the projects in the area started Monday. Some projects only last a week and other until the fall.

One big project impacting many drivers is the 32nd Avenue South expansion in West Fargo. The two lane street will be made in to four lanes. The road is closed from Sheyenne Street to Bluestem drive. After July, 32nd Avenue will be closed from Sheyenne Street to Veterans Boulevard.

During the evening rush hour many drivers found out they needed to start taking the detour.

"Road construction is pretty familiar thing when the weather gets nice around here," said Beth Nelson.

Nelson works at Prairie Heights Ministry Center, which is right off of 32nd Avenue South.

The signs are up and the work has started.

"32nd Avenue is a major roadway between both cities and traffic volume has gotten to be about 10,000 vehicles a day which is more than what a two lane section can handle," said West Fargo assistant city engineer Dustin Scott.

The project will cost six million dollar.

Employees and parishioners at Prairie Heights Ministry Center now must get used to a new entrance to their building. The main driveway in is from 32nd Avenue, but because of the project they must come in from 34th Avenue.

"The city is going to provide some signage to help people find how to get here and we will have some greeter out," said Nelson.

The main detour for the project is 40th Avenue and for those that live in between 32nd and 40th, the detour is 36th Avenue.

Nelson says she doesn't mind the detour.

"My daycare is farther south and for me it is not that inconvenient at all," said Nelson.

While Valley News Live was out on 32nd Avenue for the evening commute over 50 cars turned around after running into the road closed sign.

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