Woman Selling Wedding Ring To Adopt A Baby Gets To Keep Ring

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Updated Story:

The community has stepped up to help a local woman willing to sacrifice her wedding ring to adopt a baby. Zaundia Klingbeil was planning to sell her wedding ring online in order to get enough money for an upcoming adoption.

Following a story on Valley News Live last week, Klingbeil's Go Fund Me page received more than $4,000 dollars in donations. A local business matched those funds, bringing her total to $8,000.

Due to the generosity of the community, Klingbeil will be able to keep her ring and have the funds to adopt a baby. The baby is due any day.

Original Story:

Life is full of difficult decisions. One local woman has decided to sacrifice a symbol of her beloved marriage, her wedding ring. She believes there are benefits she will get from making this tough choice.

Having children has been very difficult for Zaundia Klingbeil of Fargo, "If I had another baby that I loved half as much as I love our son, all the pain would be worth it, all of it." She calls her 11 year son Elias a miracle child, "He was our first baby, we had no clue the road we had ahead of us."

Over the last 11 years Zaundia has miscarried 13 times. A few years ago she watched her twin boys Ezekiel and Lucas take their last breaths at 18 weeks. "To hold your baby on your babies in your arms, and realize you will never know what they would have looked like on their graduation. You will never experience what their favorite birthday cake is," she says in tears.

While friends and doctor have told Zaundia and her husband Enoch to stop trying, they're looking to expand their family in another way, "Just last week I get a call saying, we want you to adopt our baby," she explains.

A call that comes with expected financial challenges, as they wait for the baby to be born, they have been told that she will most likely have costly medical issues, including adoption fees. Zaundia has made a decision to sacrifice her wedding ring. "I think that the people who call me crazy for selling the ring have never been in a hospital bed, and looked eye to eye with a doctor who said it's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when your next child will be born, and won't live," she says.

While she realizes the sale of her ring won't solve all of their problems, it will open the door to something that she and her family have been wanting for years, another child. "We just felt like it was something god really put in our laps and really how can you say no?" she asks.

Her ring is still for sale, you can buy it here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/193349807432077/search/?query=ring
If you want to donate you can do it here: http://www.gofundme.com/adoptionofelisegra