Wentz provides encouragement for fan Lily

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PHILADELPHIA, PA (KFYR) -- As Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz aims to make an impact back on the football field this season he continues to make one off the field for his fans.

Valley News team's Ryan Farrell is in Philadelphia with an exclusive look at another touching moment from training camp.

Last week at Eagles training camp, cameras caught a heart felt moment between Carson Wentz and a young boy named Giovanni. Monday, behind closed doors, Carson inspired another youngster going through a tough time.

"For me it's so much bigger than a game," Wentz said of connecting with the fans. "You get caught up in it so much but when you can take a step back and see it from a different perspective it's really humbling and it really inspires me."

After practice, Wentz went into the NovaCare Complex where he met Lily Walker and her family.

Lily was diagnosed with brain cancer in March.

Carson's demeanor through his injury rehab has been influential to how the Walkers approach Lily's disease.

"He has been inspirational," Lily's mother Megan of Wentz. "We know that he is a man of faith and that is very helpful with what we are going through as a family so it's good to see him."

"The speech that he gave after he had his injury, we are going to show Lily again," Megan added. "He believes it happens for a reason and maybe Lily is going through this battle right now so she can draw people close to God, draw people together, and learn a lot about herself."

Despite the hand she's been dealt, Lily continues to encourage others while taking care of herself.

"When we go to the hospital she makes sure the kids there are happy," Megan said of her daughter. "She always asks them how they are doing, she's always thanking everybody who helps her with anything. Even the people who take her blood and all that kind of stuff. She is just a good kid."

Whether it's making big plays on the gridiron here at training camp or just taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with fans, Carson continues to inspire.