Thursday in Frisco: Bison talk match up with Eagles

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The weather in Frisco changed the plans for the North Dakota State football team moving practice inside a smaller venue with Toyota Stadium still covered by a tarp.

The rain eventually lifted Thursday evening but the Bison and Eagles had to modify practice plans.

Still the Bison said they use the days down in Texas to keep preparing for their opponent.

"I think they're a really good team on defense that matches up well with athletes and on offense they have explosive players. Their quarterback is a really good athlete so it's going to be a fun match up and we're excited," Senior wide receiver Darrius Shepherd said.

"They've really changed it up ever since that new quarterback came in. They were throwing it all over the place with Gage (Gubrud) and now they try to establish the run game a lot more with this new guy," Senior safety Rob Grimsley said. "I think that's going to be their identity and that's worked for them. They've been able to put up a ton of points. So I don't think people normally see them as a team that's going to run the ball but that's what they've kind of tried to establish and then they hit the big play."