Stick shines at pro day

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Former North Dakota State quarterback Easton Stick impressed over 20 NFL scouts Thursday at pro day.

The final box was checked for Stick Thursday as he makes his pitch for the NFL this year.

Stick has spent the last three months preparing for the Shrine Game, then the combine and finally Thursday's pro day.

A cool customer, Stick hasn't had totally smooth sailing these last three months.

He lost his quarterback coach, Zac Robinson right before the combine when the Los Angeles Rams hired him as an assistant quarterbacks coach. Since then, Stick's been putting together his scripted session with a combination of contributors. Including his former teammates Carson Wentz and Cole Davis.

Davis was in Fargo Thursday to lead Stick through the workout. One of the many familiar comforts Fargo provided for Stick.

He also had the comfort of his former teammates catching balls throughout his workout. Darrius Shepherd, Bruce Anderson, Lance Dunn and Nate Jenson all participated.

In all just over 60 throws were used to show Stick's athleticism and versatility at quarterback and to highlight his growth since the season wrapped in Frisco.

"There were some things we needed to clean up. We're getting there," Stick said of his progress. "We're definitely not finished with it, still got a lot of things to improve on but, made some strides and still working on some things, working through some things out there but we're getting better and I'm excited about where we're going."

Stick has had a variety of opportunities to showcase his talents but he had a clear purpose in his pro day script.

"The big thing in the workout that we wanted to show was that I can move around, be athletic, and then two that I can make all the throws. There's not a throw out there that I'm not able to make and I thought we did that through some deep comebacks, some deep outs, pushed it down the field on some different things. Did a ton of different movement and footwork, so I feel good about it."