Safety and security for Super Bowl Sunday

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MINNEAPOLIS (Valley News Live) -- The NFL has teamed up with the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, and state, county and city law enforcement to ensure all of the people attending the Super Bowl get in and out safely.

A few of the things talked about Wednesday during the annual public safety press conference — the challenge of making a secure perimeter around U.S. Bank Stadium situated in the heart of downtown Minneapolis and, of course, dealing with the cold weather.
One of the ways the NFL has said to avoid dealing with the cold is to use what they are calling remote satellite checkpoints. So fans can come to the Mall of America, go through a security checkpoint, get on a train and go right into the stadium. Train tickets can be purchased at

Sunday will be the culmination of two years worth of work between training law enforcement, and security as well as what they call vulnerability assessments.

And as always, the folks talking Wednesday stressed to the fans in attendance if you see something, say something to any uniformed officer.