Old friends reunite thousands of miles away on Fargo Force

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Teammates can quickly become friends and in the world of junior hockey they come as quick as they go. Two former teammates and friends from Germany have reunited in Fargo as members of the Force.

"Its definitely weird that he's over here in America and Canada because I was two years by myself first in Canada and then all of a sudden one of your best pals from back home comes to the same league and in the same team so that's pretty cool just to experience that," Force forward Bartek Bison said.

Bison is a long way from home. The Amsterdam, Holland native played hockey in Mannheim, Germany where he met Calvin Pokorny. The two played together for three years forming a close friendship.

"I mean we were like best friends there. So we like hang out everyday," Pokorny said.

"We were spending most of the time together, after practices or in school. We weren't in the same class but during school breaks, lunch, whatever we would just find each other in school," Bison said.

As both players pursued their dream of playing hockey they went their separate ways.

"He left at the same time as I did, i left for Canada, and then he left for Switzerland," Bison explained.

After a few years the two landed in the United States and teams in the USHL where they would soon join up on the same team once again.

"After Christmas I asked for a trade," Pokorny said. "So I was like kind of hoping to go to a team that I would know some guys there. Then I found out I'm going to Fargo and I was like super happy and now I'm here."

Force Head Coach Cary Eades knew Pokorny would be on the market and did some fact finding to see if bringing him to Fargo would work. Who better to ask than his best friend?

"We checked with Bartek on what kind of a teammate Pokorny was, what kind of a person," Eades said. "[We] checked with our other contacts in Germany. You know it's not only important to have skills but you also have to be a good teammate and a good person. He checked out."

Now years after meeting in Germany the two have reconnected thousands of miles away in Fargo, North Dakota of all places.

"It's very cool because I've known his such a long time. We've had a good history together," Bison said.

"I came here, I didn't know anybody here," Pokorny added. "But I know he's here so it's kind of easier for me to get involved with the team."