Next Generation Hockey Camp providing unique skating instruction in Moorhead

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (Valley News Live) -- Taking place in Moorhead is a camp for youth hockey players.

It's not your typical hockey camp and its not just hockey players from the area taking to the ice.

Boris Dorozhenko looks on at the hockey players taking his camp at the Moorhead Youth Hockey Arena.

"The training I provide for the young hockey players is kind of like systematic work on the skating and the skill. And generally individual development so it's definitely not limited by three days, or four days, or a week."

His camp is four weeks long.

Dorozhenko is from Urkaine, he played professional hockey in Russia and after his playing days decided to help develop hockey players in Mexico before landing in Phoenix, Arizona a decade ago. Not neccessarily known as a hockey hot spot. He developed Next Generation Hockey and has worked with NHL players like Auston Matthews, from Phoenix, who just won the NHL Rookie of the Year award.

"Many people understand. It's not important where you're living. It's not important if you're living in Phoenix or San Diego, you can be successful from even warm places, like Arizona," Dorozhenko said.

His training methods are unique. Using a variety of unorthodox drills to make these players better skaters.

"When I started to develop this system I was trying to order as a model of the perfect player. How I need to see the player. What he needs to know, what type of skill he needs to have."

At first it was criticized, but his results speak for themselves.

His camp in Moorhead draws a lot of interest. 175 skaters, from places like Australia, Mexico, Sweden, Canada and the US are taking part in the month long camp.

A lot of the skaters will move in with Moorhead Youth Hockey families for the duration of the camp, which gives a chance for the kids to learn about other cultures.

"It's like having another brother, an older or younger brother, like they want to do what you do," Caleb Alderson, a 13 year-old Moorhead Youth Hockey player said. "They want to hang out with you. It's cool to see how they react to the stuff you do here that they do at home."

Some of the participants in this camp have already committed to playing at Division I programs. Like current Moorhead Spud Carter Randklev and former Spud Carson Kosobud. Both are set to play at Arizona St. and both have been coming to Dorozhenko's camp for years.

"I like the style, not many coaches make you go up and down the ice, maybe 100 times a day, doing different 360's on the ice, different ways of teaching the edge work and shifting your blades and that type of stuff," Randklev said.

"It's all stuff that it looks like it would never correlate to a game but then once you start playing, you're like, it's starts correlating and I never thought this would happen just because I'm doing 360's and stuff," Kosobud said.

Dorozhenko's methods might not be the usual ones, but he's seeing results and he likes the challenge of bringing out the best person on and off the ice, regardless of the skill level.

"I'm not working with the most talented kids. I'm happy to have the most talented kids working with me but sometime I'm just working with any person who have the desire to play this sport and I'm trying to make them talented and successful."