Moorhead natives embark on new gym journey

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MOORHEAD, Minn (Valley News Live) -- Chase Morlock and Aaron Lien have been best friends since childhood and a little over a year ago, the two embarked on an adventure as business partners.

“Just kind of slowly evolved it from running camps for the Moorhead volleyball program last summer and then we started to evolve it in to more focusing on adult fitness,” explained Operations Director and head of Marketing Aaron Lien.

“We started in my mom’s garage, bless her heart," laughed Head Trainer Chase Morlock. "She let me use it, I told her it would be a few months and it ended up being four or five, maybe six months.”

Now in their own space, Rise Training and Fitness is a full service gym, with a staff and an ever growing client list.

“To be honest with you, it’s something I’ve never done before. I have not ever worked in a gym. Ever really lifted weights," confessed long time client Loren Haagenson. "So it was a little intimidating, especially going in to Chase’s garage that first morning but he really, is kind of contagious, the energy that he brings to things, he made it very comfortable for me.”

“If you would have asked me five, six years ago if I was training mostly adults at the time, I would have said no way, that wasn’t my direction in life," Morlock shared. "But then everything happened with my dad and I just saw a huge market that needs help.”

Chase lost his father a few years ago after a fight with cancer and it was then he and Lien recognized a need in their community and an opportunity to help the people that had supported them all these years.

“It’s really something that we feel is important to us, important in our lives," said Lien. "We wanted to give back to the community and offer something that isn’t readily available, or necessarily available in the Moorhead area.

Athletes remain an important part of Morlock and Lien’s plan for their business, offering small group options with a sport specific focus and a visualization component.

“It’s exciting to see the variety of people that are here. There’s not intimidation at all, it’s just a very welcoming environment, very supportive. I’m excited to come back," said Haagenson.

“This is their life and I take that very seriously," explained Morlock. "Everyone deserves to be healthy. That’s kind of the philosophy we’re trying to get here. Everybody deserves to be fit, everybody deserves to be healthy. Everyone’s welcome here. No matter your fitness level.”

Rise Training and Fitness is hosting a grand opening event Thursday, February 21st. All are welcome at their facility at 2618 16th Avenue S, Moorhead, Minn. 56560.

The complimentary event will run from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and includes free entry, food and prizes.