Former Bison Shepherd training for next level

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- After five years in Fargo, former Bison wide receiver Darrius Shepherd has decided to stick around a little longer.

“After the championship game I went home for a little bit and then I came up to the power center to talk to Randy and Brett about training here,” Shepherd said.

Shepherd was referred to Sanford Power in Fargo by Ryan Smith. The fellow former Bison great went on to have a successful career in the Canadian Football League. Thanks in part to his experience with the staff at Sanford Power.

“He told me we’re going to work. And these guys do a great job of pushing me each and every day," shepherd said. "Something I appreciated at NDSU with (strength and conditioning) Coach (Jim) Kramer, was getting pushed.”

Preparation for Pro Day is different than your typical training session may be for an athlete. But the staff’s experience preparing for the tests NFL scouts will run has them focusing on the details with Shepherd.

“We need to talk about the fine tuning of exactly what each test entails. From where your hand, your foot placement, changing of direction,” Sanford POWER Strength and Conditioning Specialist Brett Beil said.

“They do an incredible job with all the details I think. Speed work, mechanics and just getting stronger for football and being more explosive,” shepherd said.

They essentially rehearse these tests each time they’re in the gym.

“When testing day comes, there are no unknowns. Darrius will know exactly how fast he can run, how high he can jump, how far he can jump and how strong he is.” Beil said.

Those results aren’t the focus today though. Right now, Shepherd is expected to focus on improving every day and taking care of his body. His trainers are handling the big picture.

“March will be here before we know it. And it’s my job to make sure that when he steps up, he ready to showcase the scouts what he can do,” Beil said.

Hopefully turning those five years in Fargo, in to his next football venture.