Former Bison Billy Turner giving back

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ST. PAUL, Minn. (Valley News Live) -- Billy Turner and his lifelong friend Nick Gervais have been putting the pieces together on Kind Energy Foundation for years now.

“We wanted to start a non-profit. We wanted to help give back. We wanted to inspire youth and the non-profit was how we did it,” Turner explained. The foundation has been slowly taking shape as they structure the foundation around their passion to promote kindness with support for Feeding America in their hearts.

But when COVID-19 reared it's head this winter, the guys knew they needed to act.

So they tapped into Turner’s passions for clothing and creating and are offering Kind Energy Foundation t-shirts and sweatshirts with 100% of the proceeds going to support Feeding America and the purchase of personal protective equipment for front-line workers fighting COVID-19 and to provide financial assistance for families in need.

“That’s one of the big issues right now in our country," Turner explained. "We don’t have enough tests, we don’t have enough masks, we don’t have enough personal protective equipment all around for everyone that is working the frontline. Let alone having enough frontline personal to basically take on this virus.”

The foundation has partnered with organizations to ensure the proceeds benefit the frontline workers who need the help now.

Turner is in an amazing place to be able to help given his success on the football field. But he’s quick to remind you that success was anything but easy to achieve. And the adversities he’s faced through his career are what drives him to help as we as a nation face unprecedented adversity.

“It’s a humanity thing and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been so invested and so driven these past two and a half weeks.”

The project is providing plenty of payback for Turner as well, as he personally is specializing each order with his signature bleach or paint splatter.

“The past couple of days I’ve been out in my yard, in my garage, in my house ty-dying, paint splatter and bleach but it’s not like it was work. It was fun.”

And that’s the second part of this initiative. The Kind Energy Foundation is just that. About promoting kind energy. Turner is encouraging everyone to do kind acts when the world needs them most.

“Do something along the lines of promoting happiness in the environment you’re in. Whether that’s in your home or on social media.”

For every act shared on social media using the hashtag #Kindness4Covid, they will donate $1 towards COVID relief in addition to donating every cent made from clothing orders.

Those who wish to simply donate also can do so on the foundation's website, which also provides tips and guidelines to fight COVID-19.

To order an item visit and be sure when you select the color for your clothing, you pick an option for bleach or paint so that Billy Turner himself, can specialize your one of a kind item.