Entz officially introduced as 31st head football coach

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Don't expect too much to change within the North Dakota State football program.

Not with Matt Entz in charge.

The 31st head coach of the football program was formally introduced Monday.

NDSU President Dean Bresciani and director of athletics Matt Larsen presented Entz with a green Bison jersey with the number 31 in gold lettering.

The two men spoke of the high character Entz brings to his first head coaching job. Larsen highlighted the preparation that went in to Entz's interview.

While he was officially given just 24-hours to prepare, Larsen said it was clear Entz had been preparing for 20 years.

Maybe the biggest change the fans may see initially, will come from Entz's emotions. He's the first to tell you he wears his heart on his sleeve. And while those close to Chris Klieman will tell you of his sincere emotions, it took just a few moments to see Entz's Monday.

He choked up talking about Klieman, and again when thanking his own family. You again heard the emotion as he explained his number one priority as a head coach will be in fostering the best possible experience for his student-athletes.

"The number one thing that I think is important is the experience of the student athlete," Entz said. "If we can create a situation, you saw on Friday we had 16-17 kids walk across the stage. I hope next year when we have 'x' number of kids walk across that stage they look at me and say, 'coach, I'd do it all over again.' Then I know I did a good job."

It's that emotion that his players love about him.

And what he hopes the guys on the offense will see soon enough.

Building relationships with the other side of the ball is one of his main priorities in the weeks to come. Along with recruiting his first class of incoming freshman, Entz admitted he has some recruiting to do inside the current roster. Saying he's spent a great deal of his five years in Fargo sequestered inside the defensive meeting rooms.

The offense can be assured though, this defensive coordinator turned head coach isn't looking to change the course. Saying he expects the 2019 Bison to run the ball, utilize the passing game in an efficient way and play good hard defense.

As for assistants, there is no word yet on who may go with Klieman to Kansas State and who will stick around. Entz said Monday his staff was in the room and the only position he is looking to fill right now is his own.

Entz making it clear he has no desire to remain linebackers coach or defensive coordinator while serving as head coach.

Contract details are still being worked out between Entz and NDSU.