Easton Stick: set for his senior season

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- With a 34-3 record as quarterback at North Dakota State, senior signal caller Easton Stick is back for more.

And by all accounts, he seems like the very best version of himself.

"He's fresh, he's really fast, he's put on a little bit of weight, and he's gotten a lot stronger," head coach Chris Klieman said of his quarterback Wednesday.

Stick kept it simple in the spring but weight and strength haven't been concerns for Stick in a long time.

Instead, he's been able to focus his effort on some finer details.

"It's little stuff," Stick said. "Understanding when to put your body on the line, maybe when to take a chance. When to get down, some things like that. Taking sacks. I took some bad ones last year, I think we can kind of avoid this year being a little smarter with the football."

It's also been about the schemes.

The tweaks, the nuances and the ticks in his opponents.

"He just understands everything about the game of football," Klieman gushed. "It's like an extra coach on the field which is so nice because when he comes back in the huddle he can grab a running back or a receiver and tell them the landmark he wanted them at or where he read them at. He's just such a servant leader, he makes everyone around him so much better."

One of the newest tools in Stick's work belt is what he brought back from his time with the Manning family this summer in Louisiana.

He said he got some validation in certain areas, like is approach and preparation for each day. But also picked up some great tips he's already sharing with his fellow quarterbacks.

"There's a bunch of small details that we can put a big emphasis on that I think are really going to be beneficial this fall," Stick said.