Brees becomes all-time leader in passing yards

Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints Quarterback | Image Source: Ed Clemente / MGN

NEW ORLEANS (AP) - Drew Brees (breez) has smashed another NFL record for quarterbacks during the New Orleans Saints' game tonight against Washington.

The 39-year-old Brees eclipsed Peyton Manning's previous career record of 71,940 yards with a 62-yard touchdown pass to rookie Tre'Quan Smith. The pass also leaves Brees three away from joining Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Favre (fahrv) as the only quarterbacks with 500 career TD throws.

Officials stopped the game and the ball was handed over to Pro Football Hall of Fame officials on the sideline while the Superdome crowd offered a standing ovation. Brees removed his helmet and hugged his wife, Brittany, and four children on the sideline.

Brees was mic'd up for the big moment and ESPN shared the moment.

They also shared a special, and comical, congratulations from the former king of passing yards, Peyton Manning.