Bison defense, expecting the unexpected in SDSU attack

Published: Oct. 23, 2019 at 11:12 PM CDT
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While the history runs deep between North Dakota State and South Dakota State, there are a fare share of new twists in the story this year.

Including a pair of new redshirt freshman quarterbacks in play.

NDSU starting quarterback Trey Lance and SDSU starting quarterback J'Bore Gibbs are in the same boat this weekend, starting in their first ever Dakota Marker game.

With seven games of film to look at, the Bison defense recognizing a similar approach and style to the Jackrabbits offense that they ran with Taryn Christion.

Ultimately 'Code Green' saying the best preparation for SDSU's offense is ultimately taking on their own every day.

"It's similar to our offense so we go against that every single day. So we'll be prepared there," senior defensive end Derrek Tuszka said Tuesday. "Every year they always have some twists and stuff, trick plays. And nothing we haven't seen but some stuff we may not have prepared for. We're always ready for that. We always talk about that, that they'll have something up their sleeve so we just have to adapt and adjust."

North Dakota State's defense is coming off it's first shut out of the season, having held Missouri State to just 185 yards.

The players admitting it helps build confidence, but they near nothing resembling complacency as they continue to call on mistakes made and plays missed. Saying the film always shows them somewhere they can improve, and somewhere, someone will try to take advantage of you.

They turn their attention now to South Dakota State, an offense averaging over 400 yards of total offense that is putting up an average just over 35 points per game.

With some new names on the depth chart the Bison still see the same approach from the Jackrabbits and are preparing for everything.

"You know Christian was a very elusive athlete. A really good quarterback for them. [J'Bore Gibbs is] a little bit different than Christian but he still makes plays both passing and on his feet. So they're very similar in that aspect," Tuszka explained.

"Yea for the most part it seems like they've kept everything the same," sophomore defensive end Spencer Waege added. "They're going to try and run the ball all game and they've got a really good receiving group that they'll take shots on you with so it's going to be a full four quarter game."

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