Bison Huddle: Spack Underestimates FargoDome Noise

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NORMAL, ILL -- North Dakota State and Illinois State haven't seen each other in the regular season since 2013 and the Redbirds haven't seen the FargoDome since that 28-10 Bison victory.

Praised by many top team's as one of the toughest environments in college football, Bison fans have earned a lot of respect from a lot of great regular season and playoff opponents over the last half of a decade.

Brock Spack, the head coach for Illinois State doesn't agree.

He doesn't think much of the noise you bring Bison Nation.

"We'll pipe in noise no doubt. We'll put it right behind the offense and it's really a headache," said Spack Tuesday at his weekly press conference. "Really it's louder than what we'll get in the game. We'll play the music, we'll crank the music up. Make it chaotic during certain times today and tomorrow. Yea we do that. And get it going. So it'll be interesting. It's a good question but you know, it's still not as loud as Ohio Stadium. It's still not as loud as Camp Randall. It's still not as loud as Kinnick Stadium. I'm just going to tell you. I'm going to be honest with you. It's loud, but it's not that loud."

We'll ask him again on Sunday after the game.