Alex's Super Blog: Day Two

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MINNEAPOLIS (Valley News Live) -- EDITORS NOTE: Check in with Valley News Live Sports Reporter Alex Egan each day as the Valley News Live Sports Team covers Super Bowl 52 in Minneapolis.

Day Two:
Okay, before we get into Tuesday in Minneapolis I need to apologize for posting this late. Yesterday got really busy really quickly and then we had the media party. Needless to say the food and beverages were free and I was off the clock.

Now on to day two experiences.

We worked well into Monday night/Tuesday morning getting our stories sent for the Valley Today broadcast. If you missed my report from day one.

We went to the NBC Sports Broadcasters press conference. But it wasn't exactly a press conference. Instead they just paraded the NBC talent down a red carpet to stop and chat with the stations there. We grabbed Dan Patrick first -- he's fantastic. We asked him if he'd ever been to North Dakota (he had, and he was fearful of the giant mosquitoes. Aren't we all?) and about Carson Wentz, the game, he talked with us for about ten minutes.

My biggest thrill was talking to Al Michaels. Talk about a guy who has seen it all and been to all the world's biggest sporting events. The movie Miracle is one of my all-time favorites, and his actual call of the 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team beating the Russians will forever be etched my my, and a lot of sports fans, memory.

After talking with them and churning out our stories for the day we had live shots to do. We thought going outside for our hit during the 5 p.m. broadcast was a good idea. It wasn't. So we moved inside the Mall of America to do the rest of our hits.

I won't go into too much detail about the media party, but I will tell you this, it was a great time.

Be sure to check out the slideshow attached to see some of the photos from the day and check the videos as well.