Warning about marijuana laced with fentanyl being sold in Bismarck

Published: Jul. 12, 2016 at 10:29 PM CDT
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Police have a warning tonight about marijuana being sold in the Bismarck area that may be laced with fentanyl and meth.

A man went to the emergency room of a hospital in Bismarck saying he had taken two hits of marijuana, immediately felt sick, and decided he needed a doctor right away. That man tested positive for marijuana, meth and fentanyl.

With the on-going opioid abuse in this area, around the state, and after finding marijuana possibly laced with fentanyl and meth in Bismarck, there's no question police are concerned.

"Marijuana is probably more wide-spread used than heroin is, so if people are going to be accidentally ingesting fentanyl, a very low level of fentanyl can be lethal, you know at very low dosages, so that's pretty dangerous business," Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena said.

Brandon Muhs, who is a proponent of medical marijuana, says finding marijuana laced with drugs is rare.

"It’s not very common, as far as I know, it happens on occasion,” Muhs said.

But Muhs says mixing marijuana with other drugs can make their effects really unpredictable.

"The combination of the cannabis with it, it doesn't change or intensify anything with the cannabis, it will be a different high or different affect,” Muhs said.

Valley News Live spoke with the owner Any Lab Test Now in Fargo to find out how hard it is to test someone who's got a mixture of drugs in their system. They said it's not easy.

"When you are talking about urine drug testing, the drugs are out of your system within two to four days, expect for marijuana which can hang around for 30-35 days,” Dan Parker said.

"That’s why we are fighting so hard for cannabis law reforms because people need safe and secure access in order to not let things like this happen,” Muhs said.

Valley News Live reached out to local police departments to see if they have found laced marijuana in the Fargo-Moorhead area. We haven't heard back yet.

Fentanyl can be fatal if swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed through the skin.