UPDATE: Former West Fargo girls swim coach makes statement on firing

Published: Sep. 15, 2018 at 3:17 PM CDT
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Ronald Hehn, the former West Fargo Girls Swim Coach has released a statement to Valley News Live, in regards to him being fired from the district.

"The facts are that this training style was presented at the 2014 North Dakota Coaches Clinic by Sam Freas, head coach at Oklahoma Baptist University," says Ronald Hehn.

Hehn also tells us, he will be seeking legal support.


Another case of a coach pushing his athletes too hard. That is why this past Thursday parents in the district of West Fargo were notified that there would be a shuffling of swim coaches.

In a statement the district said Ronald Hehn has been released from his position as head coach of the girls swim team based on inappropriate coaching practices. The statement went on to state that Mr. Hehn will not have any contact with student athletes in any current or future role as a coach or educator in the district.

One parent off camera said her child never mentioned Hehn to be a coach who would do anything out of the ordinary, but when we went to find out more on the inappropriate coaching practices under Hehn, members of the team said otherwise.

We were told that Hehn attached weights to rope belts on his swimmers, and have them swim across the pool. They also say he had swimmers also go 12 feet under water and had them swim back up without kicking off the rope belt of weights.

While not confirmed by the district we did hear it was the first time Hehn did such a thing. Swimmers were also upset to lose Hehn but knew the incident would not be accepted by the district.

We reached out to Hehn for comment and he has yet to respond. This was Hehn's first season as the varsity coach. Barb Fisher who coaches the Packers boys’ team has been named interim coach of the girls' program.