With hotels a common place for prostitution and drug crimes, FPD hosts yearly safety training for employees

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) Yesterday we told you about a West Fargo couple who was turned away from an area hotel Tuesday night after staff told them local people aren't allowed to do last minute check-ins due to drug problems in the metro.

And that prompted Valley News Live to talk with area police who say while they don't know if drugs are statistically a problem at hotels in the Valley, hotels are a common place for those kinds of activities.

But Fargo Police say they're trying to tackle with their yearly hotel safety training classes.

"What we do is we really talk about how to keep their properties safe, their employees safe and to attract good business, versus the negative business," Jessica Schindeldecker with Fargo Police said.

At the training, officers give employees warning signs to look out for not only at the front desk, but also inside the rooms.

"Often times it's individuals who won't produce and identification card, they want to pay in cash, they're looking for just a few hours. Often times they're asking for specific rooms, which is probably away from any front entry, cameras. Or they know where there's a window on the first floor where they can access people in and out quickly," Schindeldecker said.

Schindeldecker says hotels are easy targets for things like drugs and prostitution because most are placed near the interstates, which makes it easy for anyone to come and go.

She also says Fargo Police doesn't force any certain guidelines on local hotels, but they do give some suggestions.

"Once you let that type of activity creep in and it starts to grow there, it detracts from the business that you really want there. So, that's why it's so important to not even let it start to fester, or to have one or two, because once it starts to get in there, it starts to infiltrate," Schindeldecker said.

Fargo Police say they haven't had a safety training yet this year, but usually hold the class around this time of year.