Corwin employee reflects on bizarre crash

Fargo, N.D. (Valley News Live) "Dang near hit me and a co-worker that were leaving for lunch, turning left. He blew past the stoplight right there and went right through, holy smokes," says Corwin Collision Center Body Man, Aaron Lassle.

Aaron Lassle has worked at the Corwin Collision Center for about 7 years now. He tells us, he’s never seen anything quite like this.

"Hit him about right here and then parts went everywhere and spun him kind of sideways and down into the ditch there. He barely missed that pole back there," says Lassle.

When he heard the loud crash, he says, instinct kicked in.

"I whipped a U-turn and made sure my salesman was okay first and ran over to the taxi cab and tried to get the guys seatbelt off because I thought it was going to start on fire. It was just kind of a scary deal," says Lassle.

He tells us, the driver of the taxi, just didn't seem right.

"He was just very out of it and he was mumbling, and wasn't saying very many words," says Lassle.

Jesse Riley was also at Corwins checking out some new rides and he says, it was quite a sight.

"The vehicle continued to drive forward until it almost went on the railroad tracks," says witness to the crash, Jesse Riley.


Two people were hurt and a car is totaled after a bizarre crash in Fargo.

It happened just before noon at the Corwin Auto lot on 42nd St. and Main Ave.

Police say a man driving a van left the road, went through an open fence, and then hit a car parked in the dealer's lot, pushing it 20-30 feet.

The man inside the parked car and the driver of the van both had minor injuries.