Fargo boy's throat is slashed with an ice skate during hockey practice

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A scary scene Monday night for parents and players at the Southwest Youth Ice Arena after a young boy's throat is slashed by a skate.

"During a practice, two of the young players collided and one of them suffered a skate to the throat area, where he was cut and he was bleeding heavily," says Sgt. Mark Lykken, with the Fargo Police Department.

Witnesses say the incident was scary and they're shaken up.

Fortunately, coaches and nurses in the crowd rushed to the ice to help the child until an ambulance arrived. During this time, the child was conscious and talking and police say his injuries weren't life threatening. The Fargo Squirt player was taken to the hospital in an ambulance without the lights or sirens -which police say is a good sign.

The child's father was at the ice rink at the time of the accident and followed his son to the hospital.

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