Workouts to Help With New Year's Fitness Goals

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While many people set a health goal for the new year, starting a new workout routine can be difficult. Jenny Perkins with Fargo Fitlife show us ways they help people who want to become healthier.

Don't start by running 5 miles or lifting 100 pound weights, instead Jenny says start easy and work your way into more reps and heavier equipment.

If you have dumbells or kettlebells in your home or gym some workouts to do include squats, bicep curls and dead lifts. Jenny showed us how to properly do them, just look at the videos above.

While knowing the exercises is a start, holding yourself accountable can be where people struggle. At Fargo Fitlife they have a new routine that helps each person with their workout, meal planning and motivation. To find out more about Fargo Fitlife just check out their Facebook Page, there is a link to the right of this story.