Working from home effectively and securely

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) - As more people are working from home amid the pandemic, this presents new challenges.

"Probably the biggest challenges are connectivity and security," said Sean Todd, Director of Security at Network Center Inc.

Todd says their support team has seen a dramatic increase in calls, as people are running into challenges working at home.

"Just go through everything, plug it in,” Todd said. “If you have questions, reach out to your IT department and reach out to your technology provider, whoever it might be. Do some bandwidth tests. Before you are hopping on a big conference call, check."

Checking your bandwidth capabilities is important because as more people are home, it can create problems and lead to glitching.

Increasing your bandwidth through your provider can help or Todd says it can be as simple as limiting how many programs are running in your household at once.

The other concern is an increased security risk. Todd recommends enabling antivirus, creating unique passwords, and enabling multi-factor authentication.

"By enabling multi-theft or authentication, that eliminates that potential ability for someone to exploit those credentials," Todd said.

And Todd asks that you go a step further.

"Ensure that you encrypting your device so that any information, whether it be personally identifiable information or health information, it's protected," Todd said.

Taking extra measures now when setting up your home workplace can avoid headaches down the road.

Also, every system is different so if you have questions about the capability of your technology or your concerns about how to activate security measures, reach out to your IT team or provider.