Water services back on in Dazey, N.D.

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DAZEY, N.D. (Valley News Live) Some good news for residents in the city of Dazey, North Dakota. Water services were turned back on Friday night after nearly three days without it.

Dazey Mayor Justin Sherlock said residents should limit water use for the first 24 hours.

Marlene Skjeret said she’s spent the last day and a half cleaning up her basement.

“We just got so much rain in a short time that the ground water was so high, that it just came in. There's nothing we could do,” Skjeret said.

Skjeret took a break Friday from the flood clean up to get free water bottles.

“We had to rip out carpeting and everything, and it's been flooded and I've been working at it for days trying to get water out of it,” Skjeret said.

Many residents in the town of Dazey are dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains, which led to water services being cut Wednesday.

That meant no showers or running water and the town’s only business, a bar, was closed.

“When times are tough, we got to be there for everybody and help everybody,” Skjeret said.

Mayor Sherlock said the July rainfall has overwhelmed the city’s drains and sewage system.

“Water was completely over the road in this area and in these ditches," Sherlock said as he pointed to several city streets. "Up to people's houses, they look like they had moots around their houses."

The American Red Cross was called to help out and they’ve been distributing water bottles and supply kits.

Sherlock said spring of 2011 was the last time flooding was this bad.

“The biggest concern I have is going forward we need to look for a permanent solution to this... that means figuring out how to lower water levels around town,” Sherlock said.

Sherlock said surprisingly, no one has called him to complain and he appreciates how everyone has come together, neighbor helping neighbor.