Woman who was captured on social media screaming at Muslim women to be fired

Amber Hensley's employer told Valley News Live shortly after noon Wednesday that Hensley had been called to the office and was expected to be terminated. The company said they had received hundreds of calls regarding the viral video. They also tell us what Hensley did was "unacceptable."

It happened Tuesday outside a Fargo Walmart -- Hensley is captured on camera, yelling and threatening three Somali-American women in a car.

A woman contacted Valley News Live late Tuesday night and identified herself as the person in the video.

Amber Hensley is apologizing for what she says were horrible things that she said to the ladies at Walmart.

She says it was not a Christian-like thing to do and she wishes she could take it back.

Hensley says there's more to the story and that she started yelling after one of the women made a derogatory comment about Jesus. The women who shot the video admitted that they called Hensley a "derogatory name" after the altercation started.

Hensley tells Valley News Live that she would like to sit down with the women and talk with them.

Valley News Live has also reached out to the woman who shot the video that's on YouTube, but have not heard back yet.

Fargo police tell us there is an ongoing investigation.

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