West Fargo woman charged by cable service not offered in North Dakota

WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live)- Becky Phelps is livid. She discovered a big chunk of money taken out of her checking account. It went to a cable service she doesn't even get.

“You need to watch your account very carefully because somehow, someway, someone got the number for my debit card and used it to pay a monstrous cable bill," says Alleged Scam Victim and West Fargo Resident, Becky Phelps.

Becky Phelps is still in shock after looking at her most recent bank statement. Over $1,000 was taken out of her account and used to pay for Comcast services. But she doesn't even get her cable or internet through Comcast. In fact, Comcast doesn't offer services in North Dakota. But that didn't stop them from billing her.

"They kept asking for an account number and I was like, 'I don't have an account with you guys. Why am I being charged?'," says Phelps.

Now, she's just plain fed up. She's saying, nothing is being resolved. So she went to her bank, and they're trying to help her but that could take some time. And $1,000 is a lot of money.

"That money was set for other bills. It's made it really tough for us because we've had to dig into what savings we have, just to cover those differences," says Phelps.

Despite the bank helping, she says, Comcast isn't. In fact, they said the obvious; the card information was likely stolen.

Now we tried contacting Comcast. They tell us, they want to help and plan on looking more into the situation. Someone from the corporate office informed us, fraud does happen but they have a fraud team available to help.

But what can you do to avoid ever being in the same situation? We went to the experts at Gate City Bank to get some advice. They say to contact your bank immediately, when you see any unauthorized purchases on your statements.

Always be cautious when giving out any personal information, such as your card number. But if you do find a surprising purchase, like Becky Phelps did, they can help get your money back.

“If the customer calls and contacts the bank, and discusses the transaction and determines that they didn't authorize it, the bank will help them if it was a card transaction, cancel their card,” says Gate City Bank Vice President of Deposit & Card Servicing, Jennifer Dirk.

Dirk says with a debit card, you're never liable for any unauthorized purchases.