Woman alarmed when hunters shoot at deer outside her Minnesota family's home

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GLYNDON, Minn. (Valley News Live) Deer hunting season kicked off this weekend and an area woman wants to remind everyone to exercise caution.

She called the Whistleblower Hotline after she says some games men got a little too close to shooting something other than their prey.

The Minnesota deer hunting season opened on Saturday.

Over in Glyndon, a few hunters were running on adrenaline determined to bag their buck after chasing it even after the animal crossed onto Diane Nodsle's daughter's property.

She was watching her grandsons and doing work in the garage when she says she heard a commotion...5-shots being fired.

"Like a bottle rocket sound shooting past the door. I went outside and looked. The deer was kind of hung up in the fence and the guys were shooting through the yard," she says.

She called 9-1-1 immediately.

A Clay County Sheriff along with a Game Warden came to the home and found the hunters about a half-mile down the road where they were allegedly fined for their actions.

To Nodsle's knowledge, they should have lost their hunting license and she doesn't understand how they could just shoot onto a person's property.

"With the kids being in the yard and the animals, it's plain as day there were people home. The dogs were outside and I even had the fire pit burning."

She knows hunting is a popular activity that many people in our community look forward to but she says it's something that needs to be done safely not putting others at risk.

"Stay out in the fields where you should be hunting. Stay away from the residence. How do you know someone's not going to walk out that door at the same time and be struck by a stray bullet?"

We tried reaching out to the Department of Natural Resources about this particular incident but we have not heard back.