Will Savanna Greywind's death investigation turn into a federal case?

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live): Many people are asking, since Savanna Greywind’s body was found on the Minnesota side of the Red River near an abandoned farmstead east of Harwood, north of Moorhead, will this turn into a federal case? It crosses state lines, involves a variety of jurisdictions and is relying on several law enforcement agencies, each with a different aspect of this investigation.

Will this turn into a federal court case? That question was posed to Fargo Police and the Cass County State’s Attorney Monday morning at a press briefing at City Hall. Their answer? That depends on if new information comes to light.

“I can tell you that our partners with different federal agencies have been assisting us since the beginning of this,” explained Fargo Police Lt. Jason Nelson. “Whether or not this goes into federal court that will be determined by the U.S. Attorney and Cass County State's Attorney Birch Burdick. There are several factors that go into that."

Savanna Greywind’s lifeless body was found by recreational kayakers Sunday evening near a rural abandoned farmstead on the Minnesota side of the Red River. Police tell Valley News Live it was wrapped in duct taped plastic and hung up on a log. We’re told searchers were in the area of that farmstead, police saying they found “suspicious items”.

“A conspiracy requires an agreement with one or other to do things which are otherwise unlawful and someone takes an overt act in furtherance of that conspiracy,” explained Cass County State’s Attorney Birch Burdick. “That's how it's charged right now. That’s the best answer I have for you right now.”

In other words, according to the North Dakota Century Code, William Hoehn and Brooke Crews had some sort of understanding that they were going to murder Savanna Greywind, and one or both of them may have done it.

“Savanna was the victim of a cruel and vicious act of depravity,” said Fargo Police Chief David Todd.

Chief Todd was among those giving updates Monday morning, the understandably tired looking Police Chief saying they will continue pursuing justice for Savanna.

We know from the criminal complaint that Crews tells police she showed Savanna how to self-induce childbirth. But we do not yet know the specific details of what condition Savanna’s body was found in, or exactly how she died.

We’re told her body was sent to the Ramsey County Medical Examiner’s Office in the twin cities for an autopsy, investigators saying it could be weeks, even months before any information is obtained from her body.

At last check the baby recovered from the north Fargo apartment last Thursday is doing well. The girl, named Haisley Jo by the family, remains in custody of Cass County Social Services. Police said early Monday they were still awaiting DNA confirmation of the child’s parentage.