Wildlife Rehabilitation Center seeing influx of injured turtles

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Beth Javinsky calls a stretch of Cedar Lake Road in St. Louis Park "turtle death row."

"In one week I found 8 dead turtles," she said.

However, there was a different outcome for two turtles she found recently.

"Got out and they were both still alive," said Beth. "And then I bring them in if there's any question."

She brought them to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota.

"Shell fractures are the most common followed by jaw fractures," said Medical Director Renee Schott.

She says they're seeing a high number of turtles.

"143 turtles so far this year. 68 of them in June," said Schott.

A Majority hit by cars.

"95 percent of turtles we get are hit by car," said Schott.

"Don't be afraid to bring them in if they've been hit by a car. We are very successful at fixing turtles," said Phil Jenni the Executive Director.

He says it's hard to say why there's been an uptick, but he does want to warn drivers.

"Even if it's closer to the curb you have to take it in the direction that it was going," said Jenni.

The DNR has some safety tips for helping turtles their website:

- Don't put yourself or others in danger.

- Avoid Excessive Handling. While wanting to inspect turtles closely is understandable, excessive handling can disrupt normal behavior.

- Allow Unassisted Road Crossings. When turtles can safely cross roads unaided due to a lack of oncoming traffic allow them to do so.

- Handle Turtles Gently