What to buy to comply with Minnesota's new hands-free law

Tennessee will go hands-free July 1. /: (MGN)

MINNEAPOLIS (CBS/WCCO) – With Minnesota’s new hands-free law comes a bump in sales for Best Buy’s tech accessories, according to a spokesperson. There are dozens of choices for drivers who want to stay connected safely and legally, ranging from Bluetooth headsets to car mounts to in-car systems.

Bluetooth headsets sit over the ear and work best for people who don’t have or don’t like the Bluetooth connection to their cars. Some headsets can take voice commands to allow users to go completely hands-free, rather than the one-touch allowed under the new law.

Prices vary from $20-something to $150. The main differences, according to Justine Willrett from Best Buy’s Eden Prairie, have to do with noise cancellation and battery life.

“With these a lot of times honestly it’s just where you want to put it in your car,” said Willrett. “What works best for what vehicle, what works best for the dash and everything like that.”

The most expensive option is an internal upgrade, best for people who have more money to invest in bringing their vehicle up to date. A Bluetooth-connected system usually forces drivers to stay off of their phones by putting everything on the screen.

“You don’t have to worry about that [auxillary] cord. It just makes it a lot easier and simple,” said Willrett.

Prices for the systems, including installation, range from a few hundred to more than a thousand dollars.

The high-end ones tend to come with other built-in features, such as backup cameras.