What Fargo officials and residents are saying about potential flood outlook

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FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) -- Both residents and officials are preparing for flood season this spring.

Yesterday Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney released a statement on potential spring flooding.

He stated that the city's plans have been accelerated to prepare for the potentially historic flood. It's expected that there will be a five percent probability of 41.4 feet.

Amber Sander is a Fargo business owner and she, like many others, are prepping for flood season. She says she's not too worried.

"Once we had discovered the house that we wanted, he just made sure that it wasn't in any sort of impending flood zone where it was going to be really bad or overtaken," said Sander.

The City of Fargo's website has a map that you can use in order to see how bad flooding will be in your area. You can find a link to that map here: http://gis.cityoffargo.com/Link/jsfe/index.aspx

There are some things that we can do in our own houses to prepare for the potential flood season.

Officials say it's important to make sure your sump pumps are working and it's also a good idea to clear out your drains in the front of your home. Also, make sure you have flood insurance.

Mayor Mahoney will be sending out a release on Monday that will talk about what the city is doing to prepare for a flood.

Officials also say that they will soon be asking people to volunteer to help produce sandbags to be put around the city.