Wet September plus upcoming snow storm hitting local farmers hard

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) While you're probably wishing this week's forecast away, you're not the only one.

Wet weather in September stopped most farmers in the Valley from getting crops out of the fields, and now potential snow is pushing farmers back even farther.

However, today was a true calm before the storm and local farmers were out taking full advantage.

"If it tracks the way it appears, the North Dakota farmers will probably have a much tougher next week than the Minnesota ones," Daryl Ritchison, North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network Director said.

Ritchison says in his 30 years, this is one of the worst harvests he's ever seen. He says the biggest problem with this year's harvest is the amount of moisture September brought.

"There's some parts of the state that got more rain in September than the average during an entire summer," Ritchison said.

Ritchison says the Valley did get hit with a snowstorm around this same time last year, and that most farmers were able to salvage their crops. He added for the most part, he thinks that's likely still the case for this storm as well.

"But the areas that get the more significant snow, like last year in early October, there's gonna be some crop damage," Ritchison said.

Ritchison added that just because some farmers will be able to save their crops, doesn't mean their yields won't take a hit.

"So there's really a lot of things that's really gonna make this a tough stretch obviously," he said.

Ritchison added this week's snow storm will set farmers back a minimum of five days–Days most farmers say can't afford to give up.

"The longer it sits out there, the worst it can get obviously," he said.