West Fargo woman warns of 'secret shopper' scam

A local woman reached out to our Whistle Blower Hotline warning of a scam that almost cost her a thousand dollars.

The woman says she got an email from a job placement site telling her about an extra cash opportunity being a secret shopper, but it turned out the check she was given was fake and so was the job.

Torie Rusch said about a week after getting the email, a package ended up at a her door, finding s 'Secret Shopper' letter inside.

It told her she'd been chosen to be a secret shopper and if she acted fast, she'd get an additional $100— Making her grand total about $350.

The letter told her that due to problems with iTunes gift cards, she was hired to investigate.

It instructed her to cash the thousand dollar check inside and buy hundreds of dollars worth of iTunes gift cards.

Rusch said she was excited to make some extra cash, but knew something was fishy when she was instructed to scratch off the numbers on the back of the iTunes cards and send in pictures of them.

And now Rusch says she's getting dozens of texts from the scammers telling her to hurry along with her job, since the check they sent had been cashed and threatening legal action if she didn't act fast.

But Rusch says the check is actually still in the envelope at her house— sealing the deal for her that the people behind the secret shopper job are up to no good.

And it now has her warning others in the Valley that it's all too good to be true and not to give letters or emails like these a second thought.

if you've received the same emails or letters in the mail, you can report the scam to the BBB's scam tracker.