West Fargo woman says car was stolen and totaled by man now in jail

Published: May. 27, 2020 at 6:53 PM CDT
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Jordan Burley says Sunday morning she went to buy groceries. She parked what was her old car at the same spot where her new car currently sits.

“It was perfect timing apparently because my neighbor is always outside,” Burley said.

Burley lives in West Fargo along the 200 block of Morrison Street.

After taking up the groceries and spending time inside, she went to take the trash out and that’s when she noticed her car was missing. Burley said she regrets leaving the keys inside.

“I was pretty devastated. Being a single mom, and just moving to [West] Fargo four weeks ago,” Burley said. “It's just hard imagining coming into an area, and thinking it's safe and then finding out your vehicle gets stolen.”

Burley said her car, which as a black Chevrolet Cavalier, wasn’t even a year old.

“They tore up the driveway, when they peeled out,” Burley said pointing to the alleyway behind her home. “And then down the road, over by the dumpsters, burn marks. You can still see the tire tracks.”

According to court documents, West Fargo police were notified at around 3:58 p.m. of a car speeding through the parking lot of the Family Fare.

Police said Dillon DulleaL 28, was behind the wheel and left the area. He reportedly blew past several stop signs and even failed to yield at a crosswalk, nearly hitting two kids and a woman.

Dullea eventually crashed at the intersection of 12th Ave NE and 9th St NE, but not before two people bailed out of the vehicle, according to court records.

“That's not a guy that should be out there in the street, if he's done this before,” Burley said. “Harmed people, and he's stealing and doing drugs.”

Burley said her old car was totaled, and the thieves even stole the car seats she had in the vehicle for her two children.

This is an active investigation for the West Fargo Police Department.

Dullea remains in the Cass County Jail on four charges.

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