West Fargo daycare loses license, says it will appeal

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - A West Fargo childcare center is forced to close its doors, after Human Services cited multiple concerns in a revocation notice, first sent to us by a Whistleblower. We spoke with parents who say they saw red flags, as well as the owner and a parent, who say the claims are unfair.

Tiffany Bachand has provided child care for more than 20 years.

But a recent Human Services report revoking her daycare, Tiny Town Childcare's license, cites multiple concerns.

The report details several incidents between January and August where Cass County social services received a concern and ordered correction. The first concern on January 28, 2019 says, “Cass County Social Services received a concern that a child was inappropriately disciplined due to a staff member grabbing her hair…When interviewed, Ms. Bachand expressed frustration with the staff member in question being on her cell phone frequently…” The document goes on to say Bachand fired the staff member two weeks later.

Bachand echoed her frustration to Valley News Live, saying it’s hard to find enough good workers for daycare.

"To find people who care like you do, it's very hard,” she says. “People are young, they don't know the meaning of caring for kids."

Other instances, also involving inappropriate discipline as well as confrontational behavior with other adults and being short staffed, were mentioned in the report as well.

"Everybody's short staffed,” Bachand says, “everybody needs help in every aspect everywhere...It's very hard to find people when you have to fingerprint checks, right now it's about six weeks out to get your fingerprints back."

The report cites Bachand becoming emotional—in one instance being disrespectful to a county worker.

But Bachand says the report is inaccurate.

"I've repeatedly asked...for help, over and over and over to my licenser,” Bachand says. “Calls that have gone unanswered, emails that have gone unanswered."

One example she gives from the report was on June 28. The report says Bachand spoke “disrespectfully to staff."

Bachand showed us the initial report from that day, written by the visiting ND Child Care Aware worker.

"In there it says that I was barking orders,” Bachand says, “but when you read it, it says absolutely nothing about barking."

Bachand tells us the ND Child Care Aware worker wrote one thing: but the Human Services report included extra details.

She showed us a message between herself and the ND Child Care Aware worker, asking if she wrote that Bachand was disrespectful. The worker wrote back, “no.”

Jennifer Kopp is a mom who’s been taking her baby to Tiny Town Childcare for the past two years. She says she's become friends with Bachand.

"They play with the kids,” Kopp says, “she's happy to come, ultimately they take care of her how I would at home."

But an anonymous Whistleblower tells us she saw red flags from the first time she visited the daycare.

Another parent, Jacinta David, says her son was happy at the daycare for the first few months when Bachand ran it from home. But once she transitioned to a center in 2018, David pulled her son out.

David read from the report: "On June 17th, she contacted the social services department and said she was losing control,” David said.

“That was really exactly how I had felt about her moving from her home daycare to a childcare center,” she continued. “Was that she was losing control, she didn't have enough staff, she didn't have enough help, she just wasn't prepared for what that was going to entail."

Bachand says out of 70 children she cared for at the daycare, 40 are still waiting to return to Tiny Town.

Bachand says she plans to appeal the decision. In the meantime she's handing over management to another supervisor and she plans to work at the daycare as soon as it's reopened. There's no set date for that as of this time.

Human Services isn't commenting at this time.