West Fargo bedroom destroyed in fire, but fire contained to basement

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WEST FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) - West Fargo fire officials say a bedroom on Charleswood Estates Dr. was totally destroyed in a fire late Thursday morning. But, they say, the damage could have been much worse.

You may have heard the quote: “From a little spark may burst a flame.”

That was the case Thursday morning just before 11 a.m.—when a candle caught fire in a basement bedroom in West Fargo.

"It was a typical bedroom,” West Fargo fire marshal, Dell Sprecher, said. “You know, you have clothes on the floor, you have furniture in there, a mattress and all that is combustible and so is carpet. Everything in there can burn."

The West Fargo resident of the home tells us he was on the back porch when he heard the smoke alarm go off.

He found the fire in the basement, but he says he doesn’t think it was totally engulfed in flames initially. And though the West Fargo Fire Department says it arrived within minutes, that's all the time the flames needed to fill the entire bedroom. But luckily, the resident shut the bedroom door.

"If you shut that door, it's not gonna get oxygen and that's gonna limit the fire damage and that's what happened," Sprecher said.

Sprecher says the fire “totaled” the bedroom.

“They're gonna have to gut the whole room," he said.

The West Fargo man and his dog were the only ones home at the time. They both made it out safe. Though the man tells us, his 13-year-old dog was tough to catch.

Sprecher says he advised the resident to stay elsewhere for now, due to smoke filling the whole house.