West Fargo 4th grader with Bison bonds at Mayo for procedure

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) A West Fargo boy is still facing a mysterious foe. We first told you about Landon Solberg and his special relationship with bison athletics ahead of NDSU's national championship win in Frisco, Texas.

Landon's at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in search of a win himself, hoping doctors can figure out what's causing swelling and fluid on his brain.

Doctors in Fargo found swelling and fluid on Landon's brain. The family is now at Mayo Clinic where doctors inserted a permanent shunt to drain the fluids. Landon's medical team at Mayo is set to perform a biopsy, the final step to confirm their suspicions of a midline glioma.
Despite the battle before him, Landon continues to stay positive.

"The way he goes into each and every one of these surgeries, in which they are performing it on your brain, they're scary surgeries, and he goes into them, with a clear mindset and is never afraid," said Andrea Solberg, Landon's mother.

Landon says he feels better since his first visit to Mayo, but the thing he misses the most is his school.

"At school, I get to see all of my friends, and at home, I just do homework," said Landon.

Doctors at Mayo Clinic will perform proton radiation treatment five times a week for six weeks.

"That's gonna be a challenge for our family because we do have an eight-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son," said Andrea.
So, we are gonna have to figure out how to change our lifestyle during that six weeks."

His mother is hoping for a miracle but wants to be prepared for what's ahead.

"You know, it's just, it's nothing you want to see your child go through. As a parent, you feel this heartache."

Travis Solberg says the experience opened his eyes and reminded him time is limited.

"Take advantage of the now. It's easy to put it off, and say, 'hey let's do it next year.' Then you start to regret things like that, and say 'hey, if it comes up again we are just gonna do it. Why wait around and waste time?," said Travis Solberg, Landon's father.

The Solbergs say Landon is being brave through it all.

"He's never said, 'why me?," said Andrea. "He says we can do this. The doctors are here and they cure cancer every day and they're gonna cure me, mom."

A GoFundMe account to help the Solberg family with medical expenses had raised $23,936 a $10,000 goal. The family is also selling "Landon's Light" t-shirts and bracelets, more information can be found on their Facebook.

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