Wedding ceremonies prevail despite COVID-19

FARGO, N.D. (KVLY) With the CDC’s new guidelines for group gatherings, couples tying the knot this spring are taking a hard hit.

However, one local venue is trying to ease couples' stress.

The big day is set to happen at The Pines Wedding and Event Venue near Davenport in just a little over a month.

“Literally two weeks ago, I’m like, ‘Oh I think I have everything done! I’m good! I’m all set!’ And now it’s just like, poof! Gone!” bride-to-be Kyla Kramer said.

What was supposed to be a 200-person guest list has now shrunk to just ten.

“It’ll just be really quick and small. So, not even my entire bridal party can be there. It will literally be me, Austin, officiant, photographer, and our parents and then a couple of our bridal party. That’s it,” Kramer said.

For those who don’t make the cut, Emily Finley at The Pines says friends and family will still be able to celebrate—Just a few weeks or months down the road instead.

"We opened up our re-booking or postponement parameters pretty wide. We want to make sure we're giving couples ample time to be able to reschedule when they want," Finley said.

Finley says two couples are set to say 'I do,' next month. And while their ceremonies are still happening, they’ve booked their receptions for later this year or next—Something Kramer is planning to do as well.

"These are uncharted waters not only for the wedding industry, but our couples, guests, everyone," Finley said.

Finley says most of The Pines' Fridays and Saturdays are already booked this year, however many Sundays are still available for couples to re-book their receptions. And for those choosing Sundays, Finley says couples are actually getting a credit, as Sunday venue-rentals are less expensive than Fridays or Saturdays.

Finley also says reception postponements aren't costing couples anything, rather just two days of celebrating for the price of one.

For Kramer, the last two weeks have already been a stressful time for her and her fiance as they both work in the medical field.

"Between (COVID-19) and the wedding it’s just like, ‘Ok, where are we going to be at? What are we doing?’ Everything’s just been so up in the air and I’m going insane,” Kramer said.

Kramer says at this point, she just hopes there is not a state-wide shutdown as her dress is still being altered.

As for their Mexico honeymoon, Kramer says they can postpone it.

Finley says re-booking receptions is already a conversation she’s having with her June couples, but isn’t getting too carried away as there’s still a lot of unknown.

"It's tricky because we are in such an emotional industry, we don't want to start all this mass conversation too far out where we almost make it sound worse than how it might unfold," Finley said.

However, both Finley and Kramer say it is better for couples to start thinking of the possibilities now in case things do get worse in the future.