Water Outage at Cardinal Homes apartment complex

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Stressful and inconvenient is how Christina Hulter describes it. She has been living in the Cardinal Homes apartment complex for ten years and says she has never experienced something this bad.

After a pipe under the ground broke and froze over, Hulter along with other tenants are sharing a temporary apartment set up, to do things like hand-washing, showering, and cooking.

In order to get running water, tenants walk about half a block to a one bedroom apartment. Access to the water is from 8 am to 5:30 pm.

"i even brought up the option of having porter potties here nothing had been done about that", said Hulter.

Out in the hallway, jugs of water are being supplied as management works to get the water back on, but to flush the toilet alone two gallons of water is used.

Due to the supply of water not being kept up with, tenants like Hulter are left to shower every other day and portion the water stored in her apartment.

"You know they keep saying one day we will have it by tomorrow and it keeps going on and on and I don't know when we are actually going to get it", said Hulter

Very appreciative of water now, Hulter along with the other tenants want answers and would like to see their water outage fixed.