Was Air Force One in Fargo this week?

Published: Aug. 30, 2016 at 11:39 AM CDT
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Several people were wondering if Air Force One was in Fargo on Monday. The short answer is no, but staff at the Fargo Jet Center understand why people were confused.

Darren Hall, Vice President of Marketing at the Fargo Jet Center, says a Boeing 737 painted in the same colors as the executive fleet was in Fargo on Monday.

He says the plane was doing "touch and go" training, which simply means it was practicing landing and taking off. The training likely made it more visible to people.

Hall doesn't know why the plane was doing the training in Fargo, but assumed it was in the area for other business.

It was a Boeing 737 and Air Force One is a Boeing 747, so it was a smaller plane. Hall says it didn't alarm him since he sees a lot of planes at the Jet Center, but he did hear others talking about it.

The color scheme is likely what got people talking, but for now... it's not presidential news.