Warm welcome as the 188th comes home

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Answering the call to defend our nation at home and abroad can be a tough decision when you are missing events like birthdays and weddings.

"They support each other and it is just part of their incredible professionalism and their commitment to service," said Senator John Hoeven.

National Guard soldiers like William Zottnick say, while he may be away from his family for a prolonged amount of time, ensuring the safety of this nation is what makes him proud.

"At the end of the day it is something we signed up to do, it is the thing that we raised our right hand for, and it is the thing that we have to see out to the end," said Zottnick.

Though the main purpose of Sunday’s ceremony was to recognize and thank the National Guard soldiers for their yearlong mission, another group was honored also for having the most difficult task.

"We have to remember the families serve as well, because that is a whole year where they have to take care of everything, so we thank them and honor them for their service as well," said Hoeven.

Soldiers also placed medals of Honor around the necks of their family members, as a token of appreciation for the love shown throughout the long process.

The constant support from family members, make National Guard soldiers like Zottnick believe when it comes time for the next deployment, everything will be just fine.

"Once the job is done you can stand up hold your head high and be proud. It feels good to be back home," said Zottnick.