Wahpeton family loses nearly everything in shop fire

WAHPETON, N.D. (Valley News Live)-- "Everything that took me 24 years to acquire managed to go away in 45 minutes," J.C. Glasby says with tears in his eyes.

Difficult times for a Wahpeton family. A massive shed fire wiped out nearly everything they own.

The memory is forever burned in their minds.

"It's hard. For the first couple of weeks, you would go outside and could smell the burning," Scott Emmons says. "It makes you nauseous."

Emmons came to live with Glasby two years ago, after his wife passed away of heart failure.

The two spent a lot of time in the farm shop.

The fire burned for days, destroying everything inside. It was a day Emmons says he will never forget.

"You go to the bathroom, get a cup of coffee, walk out and your shop is on fire," he says. "I opened up the big garage door and woosh! I couldn't see nothing."

Without hesitation, Emmons says he ran into the flames. He wanted to save his two hunting dogs.

"Stuff started falling on my head. It was hot, really hot," he says. "I though, 'I better get out of here before I burn to death.'"

Emmons came out of the shed with one of the dogs, Maggie, and third degree burns. He couldn't get to the other animals.

A four wheeler, plows, motorcycles, welders, tools--everything it takes to run an acreage--gone.

By the time Glasby made it home from work and fire crews got to the farm, the entire shed was up in flames.

"You never truly know how sorry you are for someone until it happens to you," Glasby says. "Then you know. It's quite emotional."

Crews say the fire was caused by an electrical issue. The damages are estimated to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"It makes you sick every time you look in that direction and see everything you have worked so hard for is gone," Glasby says.

There is a GoFundME for Glasby and Emmons. Next month, there will also be a benefit to raise money for the family.

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