WF woman warns of new text scam hitting the metro

Published: Dec. 4, 2019 at 5:42 PM CST
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A West Fargo woman is warning of a new text scam going around after she received a text message with her first and last name, her exact address and a mysterious link.

"When I first saw it and they had my address, I was like, 'Ok, this is super weird. How did you get my address?' I mean it's super easy nowadays, but you're from a different area code? I don't know you?" Megan Rolie said.

The text was simple, but Rolie says with several warnings online of human trafficking she was felt creeped out by the message.

"It could be scam, it could be someone trying to get my location," she said.

And as for where the link would take her or what it might do to her phone, Rolie wasn't sure.

"It's like... Do I click on it? Do I not click on it?"

But ultimately curiosity won the battle and Rolie decided to see what the sketchy text was all about.

"And it was like, a cleaning company. So like, what do you want with me? Are you an actual cleaning company or is this just like your fake website you have?" she said.

She took to Facebook and luckily found she's not the only one in the metro getting the ominous texts.

Our reporter wanted to see just what this cleaning website looked like this afternoon, only to find the link now brings you to a used car website that asks you for loads of personal information right on the front page.

"Your regular address, best time to call you, social security, date of birth, employment information... Yeah, no thank you!" Rolie said while scrolling through the website.

Rolie says the simplicity of the text and the chameleon-like website makes her worried the scam might get the best of someone if they're not careful.

"Even older people, they'd be like, 'Oh! Free cleaning? Sure let's do it!' And then people show up at their house and they can end up hurt!" Rolie said.

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