WF woman under investigation for online sexual harassment after break up

Published: Nov. 7, 2019 at 5:38 PM CST
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Police are investigating an online sexual harassment case against a West Fargo woman.

The victim, a man, told investigators he broke up with the woman over the phone and says that led to her making threatening statements, according to court documents.

The West Fargo Police Department and North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigations are the lead agencies looking into the claims.

We're not identifying the victims or suspect since it's an active investigation.

Court documents alleged that the 39-year-old woman was upset when her boyfriend at the time ended things over the phone.

Investigators said she made statements like "I will ruin his life with no apology." The suspect also sent nude photos to the victim's current girlfriend.

Yet, is there a proper way to break up?

We visited West Acres Mall in Fargo and asked around.

“Meet up in person...and explain your reasons as to why you should break up. I would do that,” Michael Dusek, of Fargo, said. “Going forth I would say it’s important to figure yourself out.”

“I think you have a responsibility I guess to be upfront about it,” James Pieper said of how to end things. “It can be kind of hard to be blunt and to be honest, and not exactly fun. I mean nobody wants to really have a break up. It kind of sucks.”

Klarrisa Lopez said she’s dealing with a recent break up and it hasn’t been easy.

“Give the girl an explanation on why you broke up with her,” Lopez said. “Instead of just leaving it just like that, because that actually hurts, like we don't know what we did so we're always thinking in our head.”

The magazine Psychology Today offered several tips on do’s and don’ts of proper break ups.

Do: end the relationship as soon as you know it can't go on and listen to the other person without defending.

Don't: break up in public or offer the person false hope.

According to North Dakota century code, a person is guilty of harassment when they threaten someone with injury or harm to their reputation.

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