WF woman reminds neighbors to clear hydrants after finding many buried

Published: Jan. 15, 2020 at 5:40 PM CST
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After finding her neighborhood's fire hydrant covered in snow and ice, a West Fargo woman is urging you to shovel out the ones on your block before it's too late.

It's a reminder firefighters give us every winter—Asking homeowners to shovel out the hydrants on the block in preparation of an emergency.

"A fire can happen to anybody. So, wouldn't you want your belongings, your memory, your family safe and well knowing that if something were to happen the quickest access could get to you by having it cleared?" Kelly Mueller said.

Mueller says the reminder isn't something everyone in her neighborhood, The Wilds, is paying attention to

"I looked over and noticed that my fire hydrant was completely covered," Mueller said.

So, after shoveling it out, Mueller took to Facebook. There, she asked those in the neighborhood to clear the other hydrants around the block so firefighters aren't forced to waste any of their precious time when responding to a call.

Fargo and Moorhead Fire say they haven't ran into any access problems yet. However, as our reporter found multiple hydrants buried in snow today, some neighborhoods could be in jeopardy if something isn't done soon.

"There's so many houses in between one hydrant! That certain hydrant covers 20 homes just within that hydrant before you get to the next one," Mueller said.

Officials say hydrants are public property, meaning they're not one sole homeowner's responsibility. And while there is no city ordinance requiring you to shovel hydrants out, it is strongly encouraged.

"We'll see if anybody gets out there and listens to it," Mueller said.

West Fargo fire says they're launching the 'Adopt-A-Hydrant' program on their website Friday. It allows homeowners to claim one of the city's 2,000 hydrants for the year and mark it as 'clean' every time snow is shoveled off. You can claim a hydrant once the program goes live on Friday, here:

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